WowWee FemiSapien Humanoid Robot - $219.99

WowWee FemiSapien Humanoid Robot. Meet Femisapien the latest in the Wowwee line of humanoid robots. Sophisticated and independent, her advanced design and AI allow her to move in distinctly fluid ways. She is intelligent and interactive, speaks her own form of Femmish and responds to user gestures, touch, and sounds with her own. She can even interact with and control other Wowwee robots. Tilt her head to access her three main function modes: Attentive Mode with interactive wandering, seeing and hearing functions, Responsive Mode for walking and scripted actions, and Learning Mode where she remembers exactly how you move her. FemiSapiens hands have control switches you touch to change her motion, or activate with gestures she can see. FemiSapien is a real 21st century robot entertaining, dynamic, and classy. A perfect, interactive friend and the evolutionary successor to the RoboSapien line.

 Product Features
  • RS Femisapien has three main function modes, each corresponding to a different head position
  • In Attentive Mode, RS Femisapien interacts directly with you
  • RS Femisapien features responsive 4-way joystick hands
  • Acts as your own personal back-up singer with her Shoop feature; sing aloud or play music
  • Comes loaded with 36 functions and 20 interactive routines, so you will constantly be entertained
  • Each hand can be moved forward, backward, inward or outward to initiate various actions
  • She will slow pose, be your back-up singer, introduce herself, dance with you, and even blow kisses
  • There are also 59 hidden functions to explore
  • Tilt her head in the desired direction and her function mode will change
  • When in range, within 3/1 m, of any sound source, she will move her hips and arms to the music and sing a back-up tune


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