Axial EXO Terra Buggy 4WD Kit - $276.12

This is the electric powered, radio controlled 1/10 scale EXO 4WD Terra Buggy Kit from Axial Racing.

FEATURES: Chassis: 0.16" (4mm) 6061 aluminum with recessed pockets for lower CG tapered to provide extra 1/2" (13mm) ground clearance

Drive: Four wheel with ball bearing supported stub axles

Motor Mount: Two-piece with adjustment screw for easy gear mesh setting

Roll Cage: Molded composite plastic with light bar that holds up to five LEDs with clear lenses and three types of mesh covers (LED lights not included)

Spur Gear: 52 tooth, 32 pitch Pinion

Gear: 12 tooth, 32 pitch for 3mm motor shaft

Shocks: Oil filled, plastic body with tuned springs and double shear with aluminum plate that keys into the molded cage for added strength

Differentials: Three silicone oil-filled with four sintered gears housed in compact cases allowing the use of compact and streamlined bulkheads for reduced weight

Steering: Steel posts, aluminum steering rack and aluminum servo saver retaining system with captured bearings, pins coated with titanium nitride, entire system leans back 10° to match front kickup eliminating all bumpsteer

Battery Mount: Positioned toward the center for balance, and adjustable to fit nearly any battery pack

List Price:

Price: $276.12
You Save: $363.88 (57%)