ENTOURAGE Talking Travel Translator (11 Languages) - $7.97

Travel with this translator and ditch the dictionary! Save valuable time and luggage space if you’re going on the trip of a lifetime or travelling on important business. Bulky travel dictionaries weigh you down while sightseeing and computer translating software is inconvenient to access when you really need it. The answer to these travel accessories is an electronic translator that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand (smaller than most PDAs) and contains over 7,700 travel related phrases for 11 international languages! Eight conversational categories allow you to find your desired phrase quickly, and you have the choice of letting the translator display or speak any phrase you choose. If you are shy or unsure of the pronunciation, you can simply let the translator speak the phrase and communicate for you. Don’t get stuck flipping through pages every time you want to order dinner or ask the cost of admission - travel with this translator and ditch the dictionary!

Multiple Languages – One Translator

Communicate confidently around the world – the ENTOURAGE11 cross-translates 11 international languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and Swedish. Get the perfect companion for airport stopovers, backpacking across Europe, or traveling to multiple countries on the same trip. Many cities have different ethnic areas, so you can spend the day shopping Little Italy and have dinner in Chinatown without any worries of language barriers! Simply press the "Change Language" button on the translator to switch languages whenever necessary, and you can always have the translator speak for you.

Quickly Find the Phrase You Need

The ENTOURAGE11 contains over 7,700 travel related phrases and keeps them organized in categories so you can find them quickly and easily. Eight conversational categories have their own button so you can easily find your desired or related phrases. The included categories are General Speech, Emergency, Entertainment, Sightseeing, Direction, Restaurants, Transport, and Hotel & Accommodation. 

Easily Save and Recall Frequently Used Phrases

Do you find yourself regularly asking "How much is it?" or "I would like to buy tickets to…" ? The ENTOURAGE11 has a feature that allows you to press a button to add phrases to a list of frequently used sentences. Recalling saved phrases is just as easy - simply press the “Favorites” button to display your customized list. 

Translate and Communicate Day and Night!

Unlike paper dictionaries and travel guides, this translator can help you communicate in many diverse situations. There’s no need to worry about trying to communicate with your taxi driver while in the back of the dark cab, the ENTOURAGE11 has a backlit screen so that you will never be restricted by your location. Take walks through the park at dusk, order drinks at a night club, or ask if you can take photos at the concert without having to search for light.

See and Hear Your Translation

If you aren’t sure of the pronunciation of a specific phrase, this translator can help! You can be sure you are pronouncing foreign words correctly since this device speaks the phrases aloud. The LCD screen displays the translated phrase while the built-in speaker pronounces it for you. The ENTOURAGE11also has a built-in headphone jack so you can hear clearly in busy areas or avoid disturbing others while in quiet situations (headphones not included). Being able to hear and see the phrases will help you blend in with the locals so you don’t look like a tourist.

Electronic Address book Stores Your Home and Travel Contacts

You can use the electronic phone book to add new contacts you meet on your trip or keep track of the phone numbers of hotels, embassies, and other important places. Know that your information is safe by protecting your data with the password protection function.

Home and World Time Display

This translator will even help you know when to call home! Keep track of time zone differences by using the home and world time display feature. By setting a home time, you can use the world time display to see the time and calendar for 24 worldwide cities and time zones.

Built-In Alarm Clock Helps You Stick To Your Travel Schedule

The ENTOURAGE11 also has a built-in alarm clock that can be set and reset as needed, eliminating the need to pack a second device to use as an alarm clock. This translator is the perfect pocket-sized companion that will help you communicate and stick to your busy schedule! 

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