Bad Elf 1000 iPod/iPhone/iPad GPS Receiver - $95.92

The Bad Elf GPS receiver plugs into the 30-pin dock connector on the iPod touch, iPhone, iPad and iPad2, providing high performance GPS data to ALL location-based iOS applications in the App Store. This Apple-approved accessory allows owners of iOS devices without an integrated GPS receiver (original iPhone, all iPod touch devices, the iPad Wi-Fi) to use mapping, navigation, geocaching, golf range-finding, boating, flying, driving and many other location-based apps.

This is the best-selling Apple-authorized GPS accessories on the market that works with the iPad Wi-Fi today!

Unlike most GPS cradles and car kits, this accessory is compatible with the form-factor of all iOS devices, and allows you to continue using your favorite case as long as it does not block the 30-pin dock connector.

See the Bad Elf website for a list of apps that have good "offline" support and do not require a continuous Internet connection to work. This accessory can use the Assisted GPS data provided by iOS when a network connection is available - but does not require it. The MTK chipset is known for its fast GPS lock times with or without this data.

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