Marilyn Monroe Pocket Theater - $12.95

The Micro Movie Viewer w/ Cassette lets you take a little piece of Hollywood with you wherever you go. Incredibly easy to use-just aim at a source of light and let the movies and good times roll! And when the movie's over there's no need to rewind, the cassettes run on an endless loop so you can watch them over and over.

The Micro Movie Viewer operates on one AA battery and also includes frame and focus controls as well as an adjustable viewing lens and transparent body so you can watch the mechanism work. A great gift for movie buffs, each Micro Movie Viewer comes with one movie cassette -- This one features a 30-second scene from Marilyn Monroe's classic "Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend." Lift it to your eye, press the button, and action -- there's Marilyn performing before your very eyes!

Product Features
  • Plays actual B&W 8mm Silent Film
  • Focus Control and Frame Adjuster
  • Requires one AA battery
  • Portable - watch anywhere
  • See-through body - watch it work! Colors may vary.