Sudoku Toilet Roll - $7.92

The Sudoku Toilet Roll is the next step in Sudoku fever. If you just can't get enough of this number game then your salvation lies here - another great example of novelty gifts at Find Me A Gift! Your temple, usually piled with fading copies of Readers Digests from the early 90's, has a new accessory and it's name is Sudoku toilet paper. Clear away those dusty magazines, grab yourself a pen, replace that boring loo roll with Sudoku Toilet Roll and for the next few hours the bathroom is yours!

Cleanse your mind and nether regions in one strip. The Sudoku Toilet Roll is crammed full of Sudoku puzzles to make arithmaphobics (look it up...) everywhere cross their legs and waddle away in terror...or take great satisfaction in wiping their bums on it. Love it or hate it, Sudoku fever has swept the nation and these make great novelty gifts for any Sudoku freak.

Price: $7.92