Bacon Scented Spray Freshener - $5.95

Sometimes you enter a room and the smell is less than pleasant. More often than not, if you're in a public place; it usually smells like arm pits, cheap cologne, and old bologna. Gross. So we came up with an alternative to this stench. We feel that you shouldn't have to inhale old bologna. And other people shouldn't have to either! So we bring you the best scented spray freshener ever! The beautiful and aromatic scent of Bacon! Spray it in the locker room. Spray it in the shoe store... Spray it anywhere you feel needs some freshening up... Grandma's closet. Freshen anywhere up with the smell of bacon! Size: 5 mL

List Price: $7.99
Price: $5.95
You Save: $2.04 (26%)