Biggest Loser SlimCoach - $36.45

Imagine having The Biggest Loser trainers with you all day long, studying your kinetic activity, analyzing and guiding you. That's the power of SLIMCOACH. Our advanced Smart Body Technology provides you with comprehensive, real-time feedback throughout the day, helping you reach your daily activity goals.

About the size of a small MP3 player, you just clip it on, put your goals into the online system, and start burning calories. Use every opportunity to get more activity into your day and watch the circle go from red to green. It's that easy.

Small Lifestyle Changes can Change Your Life

You don't need to spend hours at the gym or become an athlete to see the results you want. Small, consistent changes can equal big results. Walk the dog at a faster pace than usual. Go to the store or mailbox and leave the car at home. Or knock around a few tennis balls with a friend. Based on your goals and activity for the day, SLIMCOACH will go from red to green, offering you the guidance and motivation you need -- wherever you are.

How Does it Work?

The SLIMCOACH allows you to set your fitness goals and helps you stay on track by the use of Smart Body Technology which analyzes your every move.
  • Smart Body Technology® monitors physical exertion while at home, at work and on the go
  • Can be worn every day to help motivate activity
  • Measures your body's heart-healthy activities
  • Provides daily status of steps taken and distance traveled
  • Receive real-time feedback on calories burned, activity levels, energy and heart health in order to make good decisions to reach your goals.
  • When synchronized with your computer, you can see a detailed history of your activity and adjust your goals
  • Create a nutrition plan, join community groups, and get advice from others in the MYTRAK® Online Health Community 

Product Features:
  • Measures all body movement in every possible plane for easy fitness tracking
  • Tracks every movement you make all day long
  • Allows wide-ranging data review for a complete picture of your progress
  • Daily status update helps you stay on track
  • Get real-time feedback with the push of a button makes it easy to evaluate your results

  • Programmable for personalized use
  • Convenient clips attach easily to your hip
  • PC connectivity enables easy data transfer
  • Personal online dashboard provides enhanced monitoring options

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