BTTF DeLorean Custom LEGO Kit - $119.99

We've just redesigned our larger scale DMC-12 to make this the most beautiful, capable and brilliant custom model kit you have the opportunity to build. We have developed a new smoother and smaller steering/hover mechanism than our V3.0 and the most incredible doors we have put into any of our models. There are so many details to build and manipulate in the truly ultimate time machine that stands the test of time.

Product Features:
  • Newly-engineered steering/hover mechanism is now half the size than our V3.0 system, yet it is smoother to operate, sturdier, the wheels fold up high and they stay locked in place when on the ground!
  • The gull-wing doors are built using "locking hinges" which solidly retains the shape of the door whilst you open and close them as much as you want!
  • A solid Technic frame flows through the middle of the car to the front, whilst multiple connections hold the rear section securely. This is a very solid car!
  • The interior features two reclining seats, steering wheel, lever, basic flux capacitor and gauges!
  • A conducting rod, Mr. Fusion, plutonium chamber, hood circuit boards, road tyres and wagon wheels are included so that you can modify your model for all three movies!