ClipTool - Mini Multi Tool - $9.99

The multi tool that eclipses its rivals The ClipTool is exactly what it says it is... and more. This is the mini multi tool that you can clip to absolutely anything and the contraption that provides you with four vital tools: pliers, a bottle opener, a knife and a Phillips screwdriver. And because you can clip the tool to your belt, keyring or rucksack, it's ideal for use anywhere.

No matter if you're at home taking care of the everyday repairs or you're on your travels and you need to set up camp, the ClipTool will help you no end. The gadget's clever design encorporates a quick release clip, meaning you can quickly and easily detach the tool from your belt or keyring in case of emergency.

Made from stainless steel, the ClipTool is strong and durable, making it perfect for weekends out in the wild. And at just 78 grams, the multi tool is lightweight and compact too, meaning that wherever you carry it, you'll barely notice it's there... until it's called into action!

Price: $9.99