ePure Bluetooth Handset for iPhone with Siri - $149.99

Rediscover the pleasure of conversation and connect wirelessly to your mobile phone, tablet, or PC and enjoy both your calls and music with the ePure BH01i Bluetooth station from Swissvoice. A totally new experience in making mobile phone calls, the ePure mobile Bluetooth handset delivers superior audio quality, both for normal and hands free conversations. It offers excellent comfort of use, while directing electromagnetic emissions from your mobile phone away from your head. Recharge your iPhone on the integrated dock station and enjoy wireless streaming of your music to its two built-in stereo speakers.

Use the ePure BH01i handset to make a phone call using your mobile phone, PC, or tablet and also enjoy a high-definition, full-duplex, hands-free speaker experience via a set of wireless stereo speakers and Apple's Siri control--even when you're not near your handset.

The ePure handset also allows you to stream music from your mobile using its two powerful speakers. Simply control the music level and other functions (play/pause/next/previous) from the handset. Wireless music playback features superior music playing with high quality stereo speakers, high fidelity music streaming over Bluetooth, and easy music and volume control from the handset.

Ideal for the office, home, and traveling, this ePure Bluetooth handset will enhance your mobile experience and bring out the features of your other mobile devices.

Built-In Retractable iPhone Charger

The BH01i includes a retractable charging dock in the base, allowing you to dock, charge, and play your iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S, as well as iPod touch (4th Gen). Dock your iPhone and control phone and music playback using the controls on the BH01i handset. You can also connect most other smartphones using Bluetooth.


Swissvoice implements a variety of technologies to increase user comfort and overall experience. The ergonomic design of the ePure allows the user to comfortably hold the handset between the hand and the ear. The positioning of the handset on the body can also reduce back pain normally associated with trying to hold small and slim handsets using the shoulder. The shape of the handset is a perfect match to the human ear, improving the overall sound quality and reducing acoustic leakage.

HD Voice

Acoustic transmission quality has been much the same for over a century. But now, HD voice technology is revolutionizing the telephone industry. Now callers can feel closer to each other. The HD sound quality is richer, more dynamic, and offers a better listening experience.

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