Glow in the Dark Pair of Gloves - $7.99

Glow in the Dark Pair of Gloves Uses New Glow material that lasts much longer than conventional glow in the dark products! These gloves are white (in the light) and glow green (in the dark). They will glow brightly in the dark after being charged with light and they glow very well under blacklight too.

The gloves are designed for signing in the dark, however, you can get creative and find other uses for the glove. Bright Hands are made with the next generation of glow powder which is permanently infused in to the material which enables the gloves to glow all night with a proper charge.

One size fits most from kids to adults and even fit people with large hands with out a problem. You will be the life of the party with our glow in the dark rave gloves. They are a perfect way to add a cool touch to your rave or dance routine and can be worn as part of a cool glow in the dark costume! These gloves respond instantly to UV light. Expose these gloves to black (UV) light for just a couple of seconds for a full charge!