iPod / iPhone Building Block Portable Speaker - $14.99

The iPod Building Block Speaker is one of the coolest iPod accessories we've seen in a long time. This LEGO-inspired mini speaker turns almost any iPod into a portable boom box allowing you to "share" your music with anyone within earshot.

The dock connector ensures compatibility with almost all iPods and iPhones. Just put your iPod or iPhone on top of the speaker and hit 'Play'. No batteries are required to turn your iPod into a miniature portable boom box. Volume up / down buttons are disguised as "connectors" on the front.

Compatible with: iPod touch 1st-3rd generation, iPhone 2G/3G/3G(s)/4G, iPod nano 1st-5th gen, iPod mini, iPod 3rd-5th gen, iPod classic. Not compatible with iPod shuffle.

Price: $14.99