Korg MicroPiano 61-Key Compact Digital Piano - $289.00

Stylish and compact, Korg's microPIANO digital piano is charming and designed like a grand piano even complete with an opening lid! The microPIANO features Korg's expressive 61-key Natural Touch mini-keyboard, carefully designed to provide true playability.

The bold, smooth grand piano sound uses the same stereo samples as Korg's flagship digital pianos, generating full-bodied tones with depth and character. This instrument provides pure piano enjoyment and will enhance your living space simply by its presence.

The Korg microPIANO comes well equipped with 61 vibrant and authentic sounds. Keyboard sounds go beyond the traditional pianos to include electric pianos, harpsichords, accordion, celeste, organs, clavs, toy pianos, and more! Outside of the keyboard family, there are also flutes, strings, harps, bells, and mallet percussion sounds - marimbas, vibes, steel drums, even kalimbas and music boxes! Of these 61 sounds, 25 are Short Phrase Sounds that can automatically generate phrases simply by holding down a key. For example, these include arpeggiated piano patterns or even organ sounds complete with phrases from famous pipe organ compositions. Sounds such as toy piano and steel drum offer phrases mimicking the playing techniques unique to those instruments, and can be used as sound effects or as creative ideas. Using these Short Phrase Sounds can allow even the novice player to easily create a satisfying performance.

The Korg microPIANO contains 40 demonstration songs featuring mainly classical compositions. Listen to these as demo songs, or enjoy them as background music in your room, just as you would listen to a CD or MP3 player. The demonstration songs can be played using the pre-assigned sounds, or you can play the same song using a different sound.

Product Features:
  • Evocative and sophisticated grand piano appearance - including opening lid!
  • Natural Touch mini keyboard is compact and responsive
  • Excellent playing feel, suitable for both beginners and for serious performers
  • Robust and authentic stereo-sampled grand piano sound
  • 61 rich and vibrant sounds in all - organs, electric pianos, accordion, and more; 25 Short 

Price: $289.00