Korg Monotron DELAY Analog Synthesizer - $39.99

The Monotron Delay features Space Delay with time and feedback controls that can produce analog-like echo effects. Both the Duo and Delay are equipped with a ribbon keyboard and a live, ready-to-be tweaked front panel offering five knobs and a single switch. Easy to use and simple to setup, you’ll enjoy hours of fun and musical exploration.

Product Features:

  • VCO (Sawtooth) with Pitch control; VCF with Cutoff and Peak controls
  • Space Delay with Time and Feedback controls; LFO with Waveshape, Rate, and Intensity controls
  • Ribbon Keyboard with extra-wide four-octave range; keyboard glows under blacklight
  • Original MS-20 Filter with aux input allows the filter & delay to be applied to any source
  • Built-in speaker, battery power; graphics that glow under blacklight


$39.99 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping