LED Sink Faucet Sprayer Nozzle - $5.05

The product built-in device for mini generating electricity,illuminated by water without battery,the light will go out when the water was turned off. Our products have excellent function in the ware of water saving.

The illuminated color will change according to the water temperature.

A. Between 0~29 C , the LED faucet light will emit GREEN color;
B. Between 30~39 C, the LED faucet light is BLUE color;
C. Above 40 C, the LED faucet light will emit RED color

Product Features:

  • LED lights changing color with water temperature
  • Water saving and filter systems
  • No Battery Needed!
  • Beautiful Chrome Finish
  • Solid and Firm Brass Body

List Price:

Price: $5.05
You Save: $14.94 (75%)