LEVO Deluxe iPad Floor Stand - $159.00

Levo Deluxe eBook and iPad Holder Floor Stand. The Levo Deluxe eBook and iPad Holder Floor Stand extends over your furniture and holds your electronic device hands-free in an infinite number of positions! Slip your tablet onto the Levo stand and your tablet will hover right in front of you.

Watch videos, read, or surf the Web like never before! Six movements place your device in an infinite number of positions while you recline in your favorite chair, or lie in bed. Its compatible with just about any furniture, no need for clearance. You can even read in bed with your electronic device facing down. Vastly extend the possibilities of your electronic devices!

The Levo Deluxe eBook and iPad Holder Floor Stand features include: Patented design holds your device in an infinite number of positions Quickly spins from portrait to landscape Casters included for easy mobility Works with iPad, eBooks, Tablets weighing up to 4 lbs. - with or without their cases Also works as a book holder, textbook holder, paperback holder, and magazine holder

Dimensions: 48"L x 13"W x 12-53"H (Arm Extension: 15" from the edge of base to center of platform) Weight: 35 lbs. iPad not included. iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Product Features
  • Holds device in perfect position while you sit, recline, stand, or lie, and our patented design doesn't need clearance under furniture
  • Super quick positioning - five freely articulating movements harmonize to allow quick and easy positioning of your device. Simply lock the height then grab Platform and move into perfect view
  • Freely spin and tilt the platform from landscape to portrait without any adjustment knobs. On wheels so it rolls around your home for surfing in multiple locations
  • Quickly (within two seconds) attach and detach your device with or without case
  • Can also hold books with optional Book Platform Accessory; Limited Lifetme Warranty 


Price: $159.00
You Save: $21.00 (12%)