Meccano Erector Spykee Spy Robot - $479.98

Spykee is a robot you can build yourself and is compatible with all Meccano pieces Two modes of control: locally (via Wi-Fi technology) and internationally (via the internet) Spykee can be a VOIP phone giving free calls and also acts as a webcam, and is compatible with Skype, Google and Microsoft Talk technologies When he detects a movement, an alarm can be activated on your computer, or he'll send you a picture via email wherever you are in the world MP3 music player: You can also listen to your own music through Spykee
 by plugging in your MP3 player Recommended for age 8 years onwards and not for children under 3 years due to small parts Requires one 9.6V battery (included)

Spykee Functions:
  • Photo/Video: Spykee takes pictures and records video
  • VOIP Phone: Spykee lets you make free calls on the internet with the VOIP Phone Function
  • Monitoring/Video Surveillance: Monitors & protects your room from intruders with his video surveillance fucntion, detects movement & sands you a picture of the intruder by email
  • MP3 Reader: Listen to your own MP3 music
  • Lighting effects: Spykee lights up with its fiber optics and flash lighting
  • Video Filters: 8 filters are available to personalize your videos
  • Sound Effects: Spykee has 6 sounds effects and you can also add your own such as your own voice!
  • Auto recharge: Spykee automatically returns to his dock when his battery is low

Price: $479.98