QLOCKTWO Wall Clock - $1,100.00

QLOCKTWO makes you pause, allowing a new view of time. The award-winning typographic front combines time and written words and makes a stylish design statement.  The QLOCKTWO makes keeping track of a time as easy as reading a simple statement. What time is it? “IT IS HALF PAST TWELVE.” Thanks, QLOCKTWO. In addition to being a master of time, this stylish clock will make you a master of fashion, too. The front surface is made of polished acrylic glass. It's a must have for any design lover out there.

Product Features:

  • Wall Clock -Complete with wall mount AND solid acrylic stands!
  • Timeless Design -Pure, simple, award-winning, unique!
  • Available in five colors -and ultra-cool Stainless Steel!
  • Available in several different languages -Incl. English, Spanish, French!
  • For a limited time only: Hudson Vandam 2012 Spring Clean Sales Event! 

Price: $1,100.00