Scientific Chemistry Cocktail Set - $33.95

The 3B Scientific Chemistry Cocktail Set for mixing drinks and entertaining includes two glass beakers, one glass flask, one shaker-shaped plastic drink container with base, strainer and lid, and comes with a glass stir stick and metal holding rack.
The two glass beaker-shaped containers and flask have exterior warning markings to replicate an authentic chemical-mixing experience. The metal holding rack contains drink vessels to prevent spilling and provide organization. This chemistry cocktail set is used to create a festive experience for holiday, party, and personal entertainment.

What’s in the Box?
  • (2) 2-ounce Beaker-shaped containers
  • (1) Flask-shaped container
  • (1) Shaker-shaped container with base, strainer, and lid
  • (1) metal holding rack
  • Glass stir stick
  • Multiple blue-colored LED lights 


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