Smurfs Bookends - $32.05

Whether you are into the new movie or remember Smurfs from your childhood, these Smurf Bookends make blue-ming great retro gifts for the home! With 2 Smurf characters holding your books together, these blue and white fellas will do the job in any home or office!Whether you need to find fun house warming gifts or children's bookends, there's no need to search until you are blue in the face! Smurf Bookends can make perfect gifts for him or her. Made from colorful poly-resin, this official Smurf merchandise should replace the blues with the white and blues!

Product Features
  • The Smurfs Book Ends are Smurfs characters that hold your books together!
  • Original Smurf Merchandise!
  • These novelty bookends measure approx 8 cm x 15 cm x 6 cm each
  • They are made of poly resin