Spike Juice to Alcohol Hooch Kit - $24.06

Spike Your Juice in an astoundingly simple kit for transforming your favorite fruit juice into an alcoholic beverage. Simply pour the packet contents into your 64 oz juice container, seal with the airlock provided and set it aside for a minimum of 48 hours at room temperature.

The longer it ferments, the more potent it becomes. Once the acquired taste is reached, close the bottle with the rubber stopper and refrigerate. It's as simple as that! Please Note: By purchasing this product you agree that you are over the age of 21, and have checked your local and state laws in regards to home brewing

Prodcut Features:

  • "2 x Kits!!" Turns your favorite juice into a delicious and refreshing alcoholic beverage
  • 1 Kit (6 Packets) makes 3 gallons in 48 hours
  • Can be served hot or cold - perfect year round
  • 3 Fast & Easy Steps
  • Based on the traditional wine making concept - Made in the USA

Price: $24.06