Two Way English Chinese Talking Dictionary - $286.99

The exclusive built-in English-Chinese and Chinese English sentence translation is the latest version using the most powerful core translation technologies. Together with the newest database and functions including proverb translation, idiom translation, slang and colloquial translation and sentence proofreading, the upgraded version helps solving difficulties in comprehending while reading.

A special combination of Oxford English-Chinese Dictionary and Oxford English Dictionary for professional use; the New Oxford Illustrated English-Chinese Dictionary exclusively built-in with the newest and biggest collection of vocabulary as well as the function of encyclopedia; the Oxford Compact English Dictionary covering more than 187,000 entries, enabling a wide range of words

The content of the Japanese-Chinese and Chinese-Japanese Dictionaries has been updated with detail explanations of vocabularies, examples and idioms etc. The Japanese-Chinese Dictionary even contains the antonym word explanation. All Japanese vocabularies, phrases, idioms, and Japanese explanation are equipped with real voice pronunciation. Such pronunciation is loud and clear. The verve of the real voice pronunciation is being kept

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