VooMote Universal Remote (iPhones, iPods, & iPads) - $19.90

The VooMote Zapper is an all-in-one remote control solution for your entire home. It is designed to be light-weight and convenient, for maximum usability. Its paperclip like size allows you to quickly switch from the iPhone in your bedroom to the iPad in your living room. The Zapper is compatible with any iOS 5 device. Download the free app and control hundreds of thousands of electronic devices.

Product Features
  • Setup Wizard- Set up your VooMote Zapper quickly and easily. Teach-In - Learn in products with the original remote control.
  • Room Control - Your personalized set up for every room. *One View - OneView combines multiple remotes in one layout.
  • One Touch - Create an entire chain of commands with a single click. Gestures - Initiate commands with simple finger movement.
  • Edit Mode - Personalize your remote layouts by editing, copying, pasting or deleting buttons.
  • Help - The help points out vital functions and gives relevant hints. 

Price: $19.90