Black Bar Sunglasses - $8.87

It's a Facebook world, and more people than not use Facebook. These are the perfect gag gift for a Facebook lover, as it shields the identity of the person in the photo. These fun novelty sunglasses will keep them guessing.

Everyone who has ever watched television knows about those black bars they add across people's eyes when they wish to remain "completely" anonymous. Well now you can be anonymous all the time with a pair of Black Bars - Censor Bar Glasses from Stupidiotic. Simply put them on and viola, no one will ever recognize you when you show up in "risque" videos from Mardi Gras, on security cameras during robberies - no need for ski masks and bandannas anymore - Smile!, or simply because you want to walk around like an idiot in those 1950's 3D glasses wearing punks.

So yeah, they're really stupid and really cool at the same time, but you just know a perfect opportunity will arise and you'll be wishing you had them. You To Can Be "UNSEEN" wearing's Black Bar glasses. On their own, Black Bars appear to be ridiculously silly looking sunglasses.

In a social setting, they instantly become the life of the party. Inhibitions fade away. You're immediately popular with the "IN" crowd. Others will wonder if you're famous or dangerous. Stupidiotic Black Bars look and photograph just like censor bars. Perfect for Bachelor Parties, Wedding Parties, Party Parties, Club-Hopping, Questionable Behavior, Risque Situations, Perp-Walks and Mug Shots.

Let the paparazzi take their best shots. You'll always be the talk of the town when you're wearing Black Bars. Great for webcam and MySpace photos. They're Fun For everyone! You better buy 2! It's Best to have an extra set for your friends. If you don't have any friends, having an extra set will certainly make you some new friends. And best of all they have dual reflective corners so you can watch your back and see if any one's talking about you.

Price: $8.87 & FREE Shipping on orders over $25.