Electric Paper Airplane Conversion kit - $15.12

Introducing the PowerUp - Electric Paper Airplane Conversion kit! For years, conventional paper airplanes have relied on basic aerodynamic principles to stay aloft. Today's modern technology now allows you to turn those basic gliders into something more. Say hello to the world’s first electric prop driven paper airplane.
The PowerUp Electric Power Module converts your basic home-made paper airplane into an electrical aircraft capable of over 30 seconds of flight. Simply design your own paper airplane, attach the PowerUp Electric Power Module, and let the fun begin. Our Powerup engine is designed to clip on to an existing design, and is rechargable, allowing you to use the engine over and over. PowerUp kits are perfect for science classes, afterschool programs, or a sunny day in the park with friends – a challenging, creative, and educational activity for kids and adults alike. Purchase one today, and prepare for liftoff. (3 AA batteries and Paper are not included)

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