Mini Pocket Fishing Rod / Reel - $12.88

Now you can fish anytime and anywhere (as long as there is water) with this high quality fishing pen! Fish when you have the time, but especially when the fish are bitin`! This FishPen comes equipped with a casting reel and is designed for both fishermen and fisherwomen to use anytime!
The rod extends from the size of a pen to over 3.5 feet in length and definitely provides you with all the necessities of a standard fishing rod. The rod is small, compact, and perfectly designed to be put in your pocket, in your glove box, or in a backpack! Get yours today and save!

Product Features:
  • Deluxe aluminum fish pen & extends over 3 feet!
  • Compacts down to 8-inch pen case
  • Well-built, strong alloy rod
  • Plastic reel housing with solid brass casting reel ; Size: 8" / 20.32cm (extends over 3.5ft.)