Steampunk Nerf Dart Gun - $49.99

Attention ! Going out ? Convention or mission ? Looking for very special accessory ? We can help ! Ultimate protection ! ! ! This absolutely amazing gun was used by our dear friend professor Friedrich Von Kreuzenberg , TIME TRAVEL specialist . Gun comes directly from future , year 2053 .
 Our friend brought this item back with him from his mission and he would like to share the same adventure that he experienced on his assignments .

Gun uses the most advanced laser technology and will provide you safe journey to another dimension. Our gun was HANDPAINTED, we used 3 coats of paint to achieve this beautiful old style look. This is Maverick in old style. 6 DARTS are included. Excellent for steampunk, victorian, cyber, gothic,... anyone looking for great addition to his/ her costume . Have a lots of fun !

Price: $49.99