Journey Gym Portable Universal Gym - $127.60

Bring the gym with you each time you hit the road with the portable Journey Gym. The world's first truly portable universal gym, the Journey Gym literally goes everywhere you do. From the outside, the Journey Gym is about the size of a typical briefcase.
Open the case, however, and you'll have a workout platform for every muscle group in the book, from shoulders to back, to legs and abdominals.
Inside the briefcase sits 30 resistance bands--five for each side of the platform plus 10 additional bands and a set of adjustable handles. The bands, which attach to the platform, provide custom resistance from 5 to 75 pounds per side. As a result, you can do everything from squats to bicep curls to shoulder raises to bench presses on the platform. The Journey Gym also comes with a full set of legs that raise the platform into a stair stepper for a full cardio workout.

The Journey Gym brings consistency back to your workout life by functioning anywhere, including your home, office, hotel, or even your back deck. Plus, you don't need an hour to get a full workout. Just 5 to 20 minutes will suffice if you don't have much time,
such as when on a business trip, when the kids are sick, or when life gets hectic. The Journey Gym comes with a workout DVD that includes a 5-minute setup video, a 10-minute circuit tone workout, and a 20-minute circuit strength workout.

Product Features:

  • Portable universal gym that goes everywhere with you
  • Case opens to double as workout platform with rubberized padding
  • 30 resistance bands: 5 on each side of case and 10 additional bands
  • Custom resistance from 5 to 75 pounds per side; adjustable handles
  • Full set of legs turn platform into stair stepper for cardio workouts

List Price:

Price: $127.60 & FREE Shipping.
You Save: $121.40 (49%)