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We are geeks! We have a passion for Computers, Gadgets, Technology and Electronics. At The Geeky Store we offer amazing and great products and gift ideas for all ages. All of our products are found on the leading online e-commerce website, Amazon.com.

We stand behind our commitment to provide you with quality products. Our mission at The Geeky Store is to provide a one place Geek Store for all your Geek needs. We also strive for customer satisfaction, thus all of our products will include a link to real customer reviews.

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The Geeky Store is becoming one of the most reputable and most interesting online merchant specializing in products for “Geeks”. We are a great place to start shopping for those lovable geeks, nerds, or simply anyone with a tech fetish. Each day our online store grows as we add products, so check back often for new geeky products.

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What is a Geek?

The definition of geek has changed considerably over time, and there is no longer a definitive meaning. The term Nerd has a similar, practically synonymous meaning as geek. The word geek is a slang term for odd or non-mainstream people, with different connotations ranging from "a computer expert or enthusiast" to "a person heavily interested in a hobby", with a general meaning of one who is perceived to be overly intellectual. A geek does not have to be smart, a Geek is someone who is generally not athletic, and enjoys Video Games; Comic Books; being on the internet, and etc. -Wikipedia